Eye Care

Although aging puts people at greater risk of serious eye diseases and other eye problems, vision loss must not coincide with aging. Practical preventive measures can help protect against a loss of value of your computer. It is estimated that 40-50 percent of cases of blindness are preventable or curable, especially through regular visits to an ophthalmologist.

Regular eye visits are the key elements of visual health as people of age. People who have a familial history of eye disease or other risk factors should be the most frequent examinations. Do not wait until the vision deteriorates to have an examination of the view. An eye can compensate each other, while an ocular pathology progresses. Usually only an eye examination can detect the disease in its early stages.

You can also take the other measures yourself.

First, if you smoke, stop. Smoking increases the risk of various ocular diseases, including age-related macular degeneration.

Maintaining a nutritious diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and poor saturated fats and hydrogenated oils, promotes good health and can increase resistance to eye diseases. Carrots, which contain vitamin A, are one of the different vegetables that are good for the eyes. However, fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables, which contain more antioxidants like vitamins C and E, are even better. Antioxidant vitamins can help protect the eyes against cataract and age-related macular degeneration. However, eating vegetables or supplements that contain these vitamins or substances do not prevent or correct basic vision problems such as myopia or hyperopia.

Wearing sunglasses and hats is important for people of all ages. If you need glasses for distance or reading, use them. The attempt to read without reading glasses just the fatigue of the eyes and tired. The use of glasses does not worsen your vision or cause eye disease. Taking the time to know the aging of the eye and recognizing the risks and symptoms can indicate warning signs of eye problems.

Eye exercises do not improve or preserve vision or reduce the need for eyeglasses. His vision depends on many factors, such as tissues for eye and eyes health, each of which can be altered significantly by eye.

Although the fatigue of the eyes, spending many hours in front of the television or computer, or working in low light conditions does not cause dangerous diseases, it is possible to fatigue the eyes, and finally its own. The low light does not affect the view, however, the eyes tired faster. The best way to place a reading light is to have it shine directly on the page, not over your shoulder. A table lamp with an opaque hue that points directly to the reading material is the best possible solution. A light shining on the shoulder causes a glow, which makes it harder to see the reading material. Also, when you work on a computer or other work closely, such as hand sewing, it is a good idea to rest your eyes briefly every hour or so to reduce eye fatigue.

Finally, people who are a computer screen for long periods tend not to blink as often as usual, which can cause the eyes to feel dry and uncomfortable. Make a conscious effort to blink regularly so that your eyes are well lubricated and do not dry effortlessly.

The eyes have no price and deserve to be treated with care and respect if you are 80 or 18 years old.

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