What Effect Does Technology Have in Your Eyes

As future generations are becoming more and more technologically advanced, the time we spent watching screens intensified exponentially. Twenty-four/seven years, it seems that we are facing a screen or another-whether our touchscreen phones, TVs, computers, or any other of the many devices they own! During all these activities, the most overworked muscle we have before our eyes. Needless to say that all this effort in our peepers can cause problems, but these problems will affect the future of our vision?

There is a name for our evil Eyes: Computer Vision syndrome. CVS, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, occurs when your eyes are constantly fixing a screen (most of the time: a computer). As other actions force repeatedly, CVS can affect the temporarily more stressed vision your eyes are. CVS is very common in these times; The research shows that they come from 50 percent to 90 percent of employees who use computer-symptoms. However, the real question is whether this degeneration is permanent, age and time, or simply transient. Search exposes all sides.

Several studies show that the screens themselves are not doing the actual damage. However, the environment in which the screens live are creating additional stress on our eyes-such as lighting, positioning, reflections, etc. Therefore, it seems to be the case that not, while always being told that sitting too close to flat screen, it is actually an old wives tale. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), they have not [yet] found evidence that such an act can damage the eyes.

With that said, we always advised you to stay put at least 20-24 inches away from your computer screen. There must be a reason for this recommendation. Other sources say that prolonged exposure to the computer while symptoms of CVS has been detected can actually permanently alter your vision at a distance.

The truth is that we do not know all the consequences of what will be detrimental to us, or not as the technology grows continually. We know that while reading, in general, it is more tense our eyes to something that requires a lot of focused attention, the use of the computer is even more difficult for our eyes than simply reading a sheet of paper. This is mainly due to the reflected light that bounces off the screen, and tends to be more going on for our eyes to focus while looking at the screen, than simple words in a book.

So, there are, in general, our eyes will not necessarily be worse-off with the age of our parents or grandparents. Of course, age could increase our chances of glasses need, can only be in the same position as they are now. However, in the case, I always try to wear glasses while working at the computer or watching TV-although they are cheap glasses with a unique anti-glare coating on them. If nothing else, this way you will help to make your optical recovery difficult, and very well could save your vision in the long run.

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