Innovative research technologies

Stromatec develops and sells innovative measurement technologies for scientists and researchers. Our tools utilize proprietary micro needle force and torque sensors alone and in combination with ultrasound. Stromatec tools and techniques have beenĀ  applied to the in vivo study of animal and human connective tissues. Our technologies have also been used to study acupuncture techniques and needling effects in vivo.

We are actively exploring additional applications for our technology in the areas of oncology and fibrosis. Oncological applications may include the detection of stromal changes associated with tumor growth and the enhancement of needle biopsies via force and torque based tissue differentiation. Fibrosis applications may include detection and monitoring of conditions such as systemic sclerosis, radiation fibrosis and lymphedema fibrosis.

Vermont Public Television series “Emerging Science” features the work of Stromatec in uncovering the importance of connective tissue to our overall health.

Watch now: Emerging Science | Acupuncture: A Connective Tale | Vermont PBS Video